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Automation and control solutions

Automation solution designed specifically for microbreweries



Flexibility &


Easy to use


Keep an eye on your equipment

With real-time data feedback and advanced diagnostics, always be informed on the status of your production and equipments. You can also find the cause of a problem with an exhaustive data history.

All the information at your fingertips

Our tailor-made dashboards provide all the necessary information to the operator at a glance.



An easy-to-use user interface that provides monitoring, control and accurate diagnostics for equipment on the production line.


Our professionals use several technologies such as:

  • ​AVEVA



  • and even more...


Process automation improves the efficiency and yield of your production. It also allows brewers to focus on other tasks.


We offer state-of-the-art production supervision. Receive alerts by SMS or email if a problem occurs while you're home.


Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 9.53.56 AM.png
  • Automation of transfers between tanks and fermenters. 

  • Mash recipe management and automation (mash) 

  • Automatic heating control 

  • Control and monitoring of your power equipment (pumps, heating, etc.) 

  • Alarms and messages directly by email  

Automated cellar system

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 9.53.30 AM.png
  • Control and management of fermentation tanks 

  • Cooling Unit Monitoring 

  • History and traceability of fermentations 

Automated system for auxiliary equipment

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 9.54.46 AM.png
  • CIP (Clean-In-Place) unit 

  • Unit for washing “keg” 

  • Pasteurization 

  • Management and monitoring of steam and glycol unit 

  • Grain yard 

  • Breakdown 

  Customized automated systems  

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