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Complete and integrated solution based on an ERP platform.





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A tailor-made solution

Bring all of your microbrewery operations together under one roof with our comprehensive ERP system. Based on ERPNext, an open source service, the experience is customizable according to the needs of each client.

Discover the features of BierOps

Benefit from global management of your operations including inventory, traceability, purchasing and production operations.

Real-time inventory

Track your inventory in real time to know its monetary value, view transaction history and plan your purchases.


Trace the raw materials used in a specific batch or trace a defective batch if necessary, in compliance with current standards, using the traceability tool.


Efficiently manage your purchases, suppliers and invoices, track quantities, costs and deadlines and order your materials by generating purchase orders.

Yeast management

Have access to complete traceability for the reuse of your yeast, plan your harvests and pitches and carry out sampling tests using the yeast management tool.

Beer recipes

Ensure a top quality product at all times by importing your beer recipes. Each recipe is followed and respected in your batch production.

Cellars management

Follow each batch of beer in boilers in real time, consult different production indicators and see which ingredients have been added, among other things, thanks to the interface which optimizes the management of your production operations.

Boiler usage planning

Simplify changeover and production launch management with the boiler usage planning interface. This feature allows you to forecast production or move a production batch based on available equipment at a glance.

Daily task

Optimize your daily life by planning your tasks at a glance. Our user-friendly interface is equipped with custom visual icons, specially designed to give you an instant understanding of your activities at hand.

Brewing and fermentation sheets

Make recording your daily readings easy with BierOps Fermentation Sheets. They allow you to accurately track trends in density, pH, temperature, and more.

Boilers cleaning 

Create custom wash templates, detailing equipment type, duration and specific instructions. Each wash template contains information that is displayed by default.


Automatically calculate the necessary packaging items based on your production. Used packaging items are deducted from your inventory, while packaged products are added to your finished goods inventory.

Report and KPI

Export comprehensive performance reports based on the data you select.

Overview of your production

Our custom module offers an overview of your production with an easy-to-use interface

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Intuitive dashboards

Dozens of dashboards help you stay up-to-date on all of the different aspects of your business

Improve your production management with our ERP

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